This Orange (1969) Chevelle Never Left Its First Family – Now Ready To Go…

Chevrolet introduced a mild facelift for the Chevelle in 1969, which brought a chromed horizontal slat between the quad-headlights from the new ABS plastic grille. Most of the two-door vehicles were either El Camino or Hardtop coupe, such as this vehicle. At the same time, fewer 300 Deluxe versions were ordered with the SS option. This was priced at $347.60 (2,662.62 USD in today’s money), and this orange beauty has it.

The car was ordered by the seller’s father back in 1969, and, with all the options installed, he paid 3,939.40 (30,176 USD in today’s money) for it. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, after all, considering that the average price for a home in the U.S. back then was $25,600 (196,096 USD in 2022 money). In 1992, the car went through a restoration process, and the Hugger Orange paint was refreshed. Along the process, the fenders and the quarter panels were replaced.

But the most essential part of the SS package was the 396 (6.5-liter) Big-Block V8 under the hood. It is paired with a three-speed TMH400 automatic gearbox and sends the power to the rear wheels via a 3.31:1 Positraction differential. To stop the 325 hp Chevelle SS, the carmaker installed front discs and rear drums, while a power-steering was responsible for following directions. For those who want a more aggressive rear end, the Cwebs396 seller includes a 4.10:1 rear gear set. The same gearing was used by Chevrolet on the Camaro SS. Also, a set of Cragar wheels and tires will come with the car.

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